The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine is committed to developing policy and practice relevant to geriatric medicine. This includes Position Statements on specific geriatric issues which have been approved by the ANZSGM Council.

ANZSGM Guidelines for Authors

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ageing in Australia - Revision 2016

Revision co-ordinated by Dr Roselani Henry and Dr Edward Strivens – December 2016. Original paper Indigenous Ageing in Australia by Dr Edward Strivens – September 2009

Advanced Care Planning

Dr Rajni Joseph and Dr Jeffrey Rowland with acknowledgment to Professor Ben White – December 2016

Ageing and Indigenous Health in Aotearoa New Zealand

Dr Oliver Menzies, Professor Ngaire Kerse and Dr Mere Kēpa – June 2013

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Community Practice

Revision by Dr Gail Jamieson and Associate Professor Robert Penhall – Revision August 2011


Dr John Obeid – 19 June 2005

Delirium in Older People

Revision by Drs Teck Yew and Sean Maher – May 2012
Original Paper: Coordinated by Dr Sean Maher

Dementia in Older People

Dr Shabana Ahamed and Dr Dina Logiudice – December 2017

Discharge Planning

Revision Number 2, Dr Wen Kwang Lim, Dr Carol Chong, A/Prof Gideon Caplan, and Prof Len Gray – November 2015

Driving and Dementia - Revision of original paper

Revision by Professor Ian Cameron – September 2009
Original Paper: Dr Jane Hecker and Dr Carol Snellgrove

Dysphagia and Aspiration in Older People

Revision by Professor Daniel Kam Yin Chan, Dr Bin Soo Ong – Revision June 2018
Original Paper: Professor Daniel Kam Yin Chan, Dr Stephen Phoon, Dr Elaine Yeoh.