The ANZSGM Divisions are led by elected regional committees that act as a conduit between members in the different regions across Australia and New Zealand, and the ANZSGM Council to which they report.

The ANZSGM Divisions assist with:

  • Implementing society policy in their regions
  • Advising ANZSGM Council on regional issues of interest to the society and its members
  • Representing the society and promoting the specialty in the regions
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key regional stakeholders
  • Training, continuing medical education, and other professional activities at a regional level

There are 6 Divisions of the ANZSGM.

Division Office Bearers

DivisionOffice BearersContact
NSW (& ACT) DivisionDr Ming Loh (Chair)
Dr Michelle Julian (Treasurer)
Dr Linda Xu (Secretary)
NZ DivisionDr Maree Todd (Chair)
Dr Bhavesh Lallu (Treasurer)
Dr Krystina Common (Secretary)
QLD DivisionDr Gurudev Kewalram (Chair)
Dr Anthony French (Treasurer)
Dr Aparna Arjunan (Secretary)
SA (& NT) DivisionDr Chloe Furst (Chair)
Dr Jessica Huang (Treasurer)
Dr Javaria Murad (Secretary)
VIC (& TAS) DivisionDr Claire Maddison (Chair)
Dr Valerie Co (Treasurer)
Dr Anvi Butala (Secretary)
WA DivisionDr Heather Lane (Chair)
Dr Nick Spendier (Treasurer)
Dr Sook Lee (Secretary)

Members can access additional Division information on the Divisions page.