The ANZSGM provides our members with opportunities to advocate for their patients, professional development resources, opportunities and information that will support their role as a geriatrician caring for the older people in their community.

Benefits of Membership with the ANZSGM

Advocacy Opportunities

Members can contribute to the Society’s advocacy activities through participating in society committees, special interest groups and panels, engaging with peers on policy and health promotion, championing awareness, understanding and proactivity around aged care.

Annual Scientific Meeting

The Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is the leading Australasian meeting for geriatric medicine, providing a platform for local medical and research professionals and international keynote speakers in geriatric medicine and interdisciplinary medical specialties.  The ASM is also a great opportunity to network, share ideas and build professional relationships. All members receive discounted registration fees.

The next ASM will be held in Christchurch, NZ from the 22nd to the 24th May 2024. The theme of the 2024 ASM is ‘Still Standing’. To find out more visit the ASM site here.

Advanced Trainees Weekend

The Advanced Trainees Weekend, held in conjunction with our Annual Scientific Meeting, includes a program of teaching and professional development topics specifically targeted towards advanced trainees.

Awards and Scholarships

Members are encouraged to consider applying for various awards and scholarships made available through the Society, State and Territory divisions, specialty groups and associations, and the ASM Awards including the Career Investigator Award, RM Gibson Prize, and Poster Prize. 

Australasian Journal of Ageing (AJA)

Membership includes free access to the Australasian Journal on Ageing to which ANZSGM is a regular contributor.  This peer reviewed journal is published on a quarterly basis and encourages submissions internationally from gerontology and geriatric medicine specialists and in particular from the Asia Pacific region. 

Society Publications

All members receive a quarterly newsletter and a fortnightly e-bulletins that include Society news, events, employment opportunities, policy updates as well as notices from other organisations and government bodies relevant to geriatric medicine. Members are encouraged to contribute newsletter articles regarding their work, research, emerging issues and development relevant to their regional perspective. 

The ANZSGM Webinar Series

The ANZSGM Webinar series has been developed to share the latest information and host discussions on topics that are important for geriatricians. All webinars are available for members to attend, as well as being recorded and made available to members in the ANZSGM Resource Library.

The ANZSGM Advanced Trainee Representatives Committee, in collaboration with the AAG, has also established an educational webinar program for trainees. This provides an excellent educational resource for trainees in Australia and New Zealand. Previous topics have included updates in dementia, polypharmacy, and sarcopenia. The ANZSGM will keep trainees updated of upcoming webinars. 

For further information about upcoming webinars, please visit our Webinar Series page.