Being a member of ANZSGM confers many opportunities and benefits, including opportunities for involvement in your professional association and its important work, access to the collegial professional development opportunities essential to your future in geriatric medicine, and access to significant resources that enhance your training and future practice.

The society is active in advocating for improvement and innovation in aged care medical services, the needs of older people and geriatricians, something you can contribute to as a member of the society.

The Society provides:

  • Representation by the Society at Government planning and policy meetings
  • Representation by the Society to specialty groups (e.g. Hip Fracture Registry)
  • Support and promotion of research in all aspects of ageing – service development, clinical practice
  • Advocacy on behalf of its members to bodies including the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Ongoing learning opportunities as a advanced trainee and consultant geriatrician
  • Opportunities to become involved in leadership roles within the society and as a representative of the Society
  • Ongoing support to achieve professional competencies
  • Supervision in the training of specialists in geriatric medicine
  • Opportunities to become an Advanced Trainee representative on the Society committees
  • Alerts to training and job opportunities in Australia and New Zealand
  • Specific scholarships for geriatric medicine trainees