As the peak body in Australia and New Zealand for geriatric medicine and the care of older people, ANZSGM is recognised both nationally and abroad for the leadership, policy expertise, health promotion, coordination and support we provide.

Through advocacy, policy and health promotion, we champion awareness, understanding and proactivity around aged care, research support and education. Our aim is to set, promote and continuously improve the standards of clinical practice in geriatrics throughout Australia and New Zealand and provide a voice for specialists caring for older people in the national conversations on aged care. ANZSGM members represent the organisation on committees and advisory groups whose purpose is to shape the future of older person care across Australia and New Zealand.

We facilitate training, professional development and improve medical practice to enhance the quality of care for our patients, working with governments, clinicians, researchers and community to achieve this.

Mission, Vision & Values

The ANZSGM’s Mission is ‘to foster and promote excellence in health care of older persons in Australia and New Zealand‘ by continuing to develop on our collaborative relationships with all levels of government, institutional policy entities, health care systems, peer organisations and members to champion the best health outcomes for older people.

Our Vision is ‘that all older people across Australia and New Zealand have equitable access to the highest quality health care and support‘, with the ANZSGM providing leadership and support to its members as they strive to provide the best possible health care to all older people, working to improve their quality of life and well-being.

Our values:

  • Equity – access to the best health care for all older people.
  • Compassion, Respect and Dignity – acting with compassion and respect to enable and preserve dignity for older people.
  • Collaboration – working together with our stakeholders and peers organisations to develop clinical service delivery and exchange knowledge.
  • Excellence – working to achieve the optimum standard in the provision of health care for older people, training for geriatric medicine and continued professional development of specialists and medical practitioners who have an interest in the health care of older people.
  • Professionalism – demonstrating highest level professional behaviour, standards and ethical conduct.
  • Accountability – to our patients, stakeholders and members.

Strategic Plan
2022 – 2024