The Committees of the ANZSGM assist the Society in achieving our objectives and have responsibilities delegated to them by the ANZSGM Council to which they report.

The Council encourages members to join an ANZSGM Committee to play an important role in supporting the Council’s Strategic Plan and provide their expertise and knowledge to the Society’s work to improve aged care services and policy.

The Advanced Trainee Representatives Committee represents the interests of Trainee members of the Society. It considers matters relating to the education and training of Advanced Trainees and promotes the interests of Advanced Trainees to the Society more widely, providing ongoing feedback and communication to the Council and committees of the ANZSGM.

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The Clinical Advocacy Committee (formerly Clinical Issues) responds to requests from other organisations for comment on guidelines, policies or other material related to the clinical care of older people. The work of the Committee is instrumental in producing carefully considered, high quality submissions that represent the view of the Society relating to important clinical care issues of older people.

The Committee convenes over email (there are no regular meetings) to produce submissions with coordination support from the Communications Officer and final approval by the ANZSGM President. The Committee is requested to respond to up to 15 submissions annually. Members are expected to regularly contribute their expert knowledge to submissions to ensure a wide range of voices are shared and debated, and the final paper reflects a consensus response.

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The Finance & Administration Committee has oversight of the financial responsibilities and administration of the society, including the budget, investments, insurance, staff and office, membership subscriptions and records.

The F&A Committee oversees the HR Sub Committee and Investment Sub Committee for the Society,

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The Geriatric Medicine Education and Training (GMET) Committee has responsibility for supporting, developing and providing leadership in education and training in geriatric medicine at all undergraduate and postgraduate training levels. GMET aims to support the development of new and innovative approaches to education and training and provides leadership in developing Continuing Professional Development programs for geriatricians. GMET reports to the ANZSGM Council as required and is an advisory to the ANZSGM Advanced Trainee Representatives Committee. GMET also works with RACP in collaboration to coordinate advanced training.

The GMET Committee meets three times a year over Zoom and face-to-face at the ANZSGM Annual Scientific Meeting.

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The Policy and Planning Committee (P&P) is responsible for the commission, development oversight and updating of position statements that are of significant importance in the practice of geriatric medicine. These may include subjects of both policy and clinical practice in Australia and New Zealand.

The Committee regularly discusses new position statement priorities and determines which current position statements require updating in accordance with latest research and policy. Annual position statement priorities are set and the Committee works with the authors in a comprehensive feedback process to ensure all statements are rigorously reviewed before being finalized and approved by Council.

The Committee is comprised of an executive that meets quarterly and a wider committee that meets with the Executive annually – all meetings are conducted over Zoom.

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The Scientific and Research Committee has oversight over the Scientific Program content of the Annual Scientific Meeting, representation of the Society’s interest in the management of the Australasian Journal on Ageing, and the awarding of scholarships and prizes.

The Scientific and Research Committee meets twice annually over Zoom.

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