ANZSGM Proforma – Training site information

Victoria has a state-wide training program in Geriatric Medicine.

All sites in Victoria accredited for Advanced Training in Geriatric Medicine have combined to form three Training Alliances. The Training Alliances offer comprehensive training across a range of clinical settings. Each has a Director of Training and a senior registrar, known as a Fellow in Geriatric Medicine. They are available to assist you.

Trainees are entitled to 5 hours of training time per week. State-wide training is held on Thursday afternoons, usually every second week. In addition, each Training Alliance has its own program.   

For more information see the VGMTP page, under the Victorian Division.

Advanced Training Sites in Victoria

Alliance Health Service Contact Alliance Director of Training
Western Training Alliance Western Health Dr Claire Long Dr Claire McKie
Melbourne Assoc Prof Kwang Lim
Ballarat Prof Joseph Ibrahim
Barwon Assoc Prof Rob Malon
Northern Training Alliance Austin Assoc Prof Michael Murray Dr Rohan Wee
Northern Health Dr Sandra Brown
St Vincent’s Assoc Prof Benny Katz
Bendigo Health Assoc Prof Marc Budge
South Eastern Training Alliance Monash Prof Barbara Workman Dr Eva Kipen
Dr Jonathan Marriott
Alfred Dr Ronald Leong
Eastern Dr Jonathan Marriott
Peninsula Dr Anjali Kichu
Victorian Geriatric Medicine Training Program:
A/Prof Benny Katz, Director
Christine Lloyd, Manager

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