Training Sites

There are currently 56 sites in Australia and 14 sites in New Zealand where advanced training in geriatric medicine is carried out.

Descriptions of the advanced training programs available at a number of these sites can be accessed by selecting one of the locations below.


Site Accreditation

Training sites must apply to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) to have their site accredited. Further information can be found at RACP site accreditation.

The RACP assess settings to determine if they provide:

  • an appropriate level of supervision
  • sufficient clinical experience
  • opportunities for continuing education and research
  • suitable training infrastructure

For further information, please review the RACP’s  Standards for the Accreditation of Training Settings.

The process for sites requesting site accreditation, an increase of existing Advanced Trainee numbers or sites requiring reassessment after five years of accreditation is as follows:

  1. Review the RACP Criteria for Accreditation of Geriatric Training Settings
  2. Complete the RACP Accreditation Assessment Form to Accredit Advanced Training Settings or the Site Application for Increase of Training Positions to request an increase in Advanced Trainee positions.
  3. Email the completed submission to the Geriatric Medicine Education Officer at
  4. Based on the information contained in the submission, conditional accreditation may be granted until a site visit can be performed.
  5. Two members of the Advanced Trainee Committee (ATC) will organise to visit the site. Their report and recommendations are then forwarded to the ATC for consideration.
  6. The ATC will then determine the site’s accreditation status based on the report and recommendations.
  7. Accreditation is reviewed at five year intervals. Further information on accreditation renewal can be found at RACP Accreditation Renewal.

If you have any questions about site accreditation, please contact .