Why train in Geriatric Medicine?

Geriatric medicine is the branch of internal medicine dealing with the medical management and care of older people. Geriatric medicine has become a major branch of medicine, because of the demographic shifts leading to increasing numbers of older people, associated with an increased prevalence of chronic illness. The world population of older people has been growing at the rate of 2.8% per year. All medical practitioners are finding that an increasing proportion of their patients are older and look to geriatricians for expert advice and opinion.

In Australia, and world wide, there are increasing numbers of specialist positions in geriatric medicine. At present we have 221 advanced trainees in geriatric medicine and at the end of their training, jobs will be waiting for them!

Geriatric medicine is very satisfying and rewarding. It combines intellectual challenge, good medicine and team work. It brings together acute and chronic care as well as hospital and ambulatory medicine. Rehabilitation is also a major focus. Opportunities for research and teaching are considerable.

So if you are looking for a rewarding career with job satisfaction and opportunities for the future, geriatric medicine is your sub-specialty.