The Victorian Geriatric Medicine Training Program (VGMTP) was established in 2005 following a proposal by the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine (Victorian Division). It is funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services.

 The program aims to improve the care of older people through:

  1. Increasing the number specialist geriatricians through increased recruitment into the training program
  2. Improving the training of specialist geriatricians
  3. Increasing access to specialist geriatricians through a more diversified workforce
  4. Education and training initiatives targeting other stakeholders who provide medical care for older people

 The VGMTP uses a variety of education and training approaches to target the needs of different audiences. These E modules have been developed with a specific focus on the training needs of medical students and doctors in the early stages of their career although others may still find them useful.

Feedback and comments are welcome. For more information and contact details click on the “About the program” section in each module.