To join the ANZSGM we recommend that you first familiarise yourself with ANZSGM and its membership benefits.  You must also find a senior colleague or professional associate who is an existing Full Member to act as your proposer for membership, and then fill out our online application form.  Once your application has been received it will be assessed and if eligible, presented to the ANZSGM Council for approval. 

If you require any assistance with the process or wish to follow up on your previously submitted application, please email us at 

Step 1

Familiarise yourself with the society. Our website contains a wealth of information that may be of interest, in particular you may wish to review the About Us, Membership, and Resources sections of this site. 

Step 2

Review our Membership Categories to determine if you fulfil the criteria to become a member. Please note that this is a self-assessed process. When you apply you will be required to select the membership category that you believe applies to you. Our Membership Officer will contact you should we need to query your selection.

Step 3

All applications for membership must be proposed by a Full Member of the ANZSGM. Please seek a senior colleague or associate who is already a member of the Society to act as your proposer. 

Step 4

Complete the online Application for Membership. Our Memberships Officer will contact you for any follow up clarification.


Should you require any further assistance with the process to join, please email us at