Guidelines for advertising vacant positions

  1. Advertisements for jobs within Australia and New Zealand for geriatricians or advanced trainees in geriatric medicine will be posted and/or emailed to ANZSGM Members by the Executive. For all other cases (including where there is any ambiguity), guidance will be sought from the Chair of the IM Committee or a member of Executive prior to posting/emailing any information to members.
  2. When approached in writing by a member in private practice or a registered not-for-profit organisation, job advertisements will be posted and/or emailed on the website at no charge. For example, a private locum position would be advertised without charge.
  3. Other organisations such as recruitment agencies, or government organisations (including hospitals), will be charged to advertise to ANZSGM Members via email or the Society website. For example, a specialist position at a public hospital would incur an advertising fee.
  4. Job advertisements posted on the website for training positions will not incur a fee, regardless of the method of approach.

To submit a request for inclusion on our website please ensure you have read the above guidelines, complete this form and contact us via email.