Advantages of joining ANZSGM

Being a member of ANZSGM confers many benefits including opportunities for involvement in your professional association, access to the collegiality and professional development opportunities essential to your future geriatric medicine practice, and access to significant resources that enhance your training and future practice. The society is active in lobbying for improvement and innovation in aged care medical services and the professional needs of geriatricians.

The Society provides:

  • Ongoing support to achieve professional competencies
  • Advocacy on behalf of its members to bodies including the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Supervision in the training of specialists in geriatric medicine
  • Ongoing learning opportunities as a advanced trainee and consultant geriatrician
  • Opportunities to become involved in leadership roles within the society and as a representative of the Society
  • Opportunities to become an Advanced Trainee representative on the Society committees
  •  Representation by the Society at Government planning and policy meetings
  • Representation by the Society to specialty groups (e.g. Hip Fracture Registry)
  • Support and promotion of research in all aspects of ageing – service development, clinical practice
  • Alerts to training and job opportunities in Australia and New Zealand
  • Specific scholarships for geriatric medicine trainees

Benefits of joining:

Email alerts:

You will regularly receive notices of employment opportunities, national and international conferences, local seminars, professional courses, and information regarding State division meetings, events, awards, prizes and Fellowships that become  available.

Quarterly Newsletter:

The ANZSGM newsletter publishes a wide range of information of significance to Geriatric Medicine and aged care. It also provides an opportunity for members to contribute articles regarding their work, research, emerging issues and development relevant to their regional perspective. Included in the newsletter is information regarding other publications; updates on Position Statements and employment; Division reports and meetings; AT news and more.

ANZSGM website:

The ANZSGM has a comprehensive website. The public pages provide a wealth of information including internationally recognized Position Statements endorsed by the Society; extensive information for Advanced Trainees; employment opportunities; conferences and seminars.

The website provides a valuable link to other national and international professional societies, research papers and educational institutions. The Members-Only pages allow access to the Society’s Annual General Meeting reports; Division reports; Annual Scientific Meeting presentations; Advanced training guidelines and educational meetings; quarterly newsletter; and member directory. New content and updates are regularly added to the Society’s website.

The Trainees page provides links to recommended reading, scholarship for geriatric medicine trainees, employment opportunities and relevant conferences.

ANZSGM Annual Scientific Meeting:

The Annual Scientific Meeting location rotates around Australia and New Zealand. It is an opportunity to hear local medical and research professionals, international keynote speakers in Geriatric Medicine and interdisciplinary medical specialties. There are plenary sessions, oral and poster presentations. The ASM provides a relaxed but professional environment for introduction to peers and colleagues. The presentation of Advanced Trainee Projects at the ASM is strongly encouraged. The ASM also provides invaluable networking opportunities for trainees.

The 2022 ASM will be held in Perth, WA: 8-10 June 2022
“Golden Jubilee; Redefining Geriatric Giants”

ANZSGM Advanced Trainees Weekend:

Following on from the ASM is an Advanced Trainees Weekend with teaching and professional development topics specifically targeted towards advanced trainees; trainees are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Australasian Journal of Ageing (AJA):

Your ANZSGM membership includes the quarterly membership to the Australasian Journal on Ageing to which ANZSGM is a regular contributor.
AAG Webinars: ANZSGM members have free access to the Australian Association of Gerontology webinar programme. The webinars are a great educational tool with topics around geriatric medicine such as continence and models of care for older adults. You will receive invitations and registration details for these via email.

Trainee Webinar Programme

The ANZSGM Advanced Trainees Committee, in collaboration with the AAG, has established an educational webinar programme for trainees. This provides an excellent educational resource for trainees in Australia and New Zealand. Previous topics have included updates in dementia, polypharmacy and sarcopenia. ANZSGM will keep trainees updated of upcoming webinars.