The Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine is a Specialty Society representing medical practitioners who care for older people. We have over 1050 members, including consultant physicians, psychogeriatricians, academics, and more than 220 trainees in Geriatric Medicine. The Society formed in the early 1970’s as the Australian Geriatrics Society, later changed its name to the Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine, and amalgamated in 2006 with the New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine, to become the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine (ANZSGM). Our Federal Council represents all Australian states and New Zealand, and our state divisions all have their own meetings and networks.


Aims of the Society include:

  • Promotion of the highest standards of medical care for older people.
  • Promotion of training of medical practitioners in Geriatric Medicine and related disciplines and maintenance of the highest standards by current practitioners.
  • Promotion of research into medical and related problems in older people.
  • Positively influencing public and government opinion on aged care.


Activities of the Society:

Advocacy for the Aged

  • The Society keeps abreast of political and planning developments in aged care in Australia and actively involves itself in influencing public and Government opinion about the direction of aged care programs.
  • The Society works to foster best practice in medical care of older people.
  • The Society liaises with various Government agencies and actively contributes to the formulation of Government policy.
  • The Society maintains links with and participates in regular meetings with many medical bodies to debate issues of Aged Care.


  • Supervision of training of specialists in Geriatric Medicine.
  • Surveys of sites of advanced training in Geriatric Medicine.
  • Continuing education of qualified Geriatricians.
  • Sponsorship of overseas lectures.
  • Organisation of the Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Publication of the Australasian Journal on Ageing in conjunction with Aged and Community Services AustraliaAustralian Association of Gerontology and Council on the Ageing (Australia).
  • Collaboration with organisations in the education of members of other disciplines involved in the care of older people.

Policy Development

  • Development of policies relevant to health and other care of older people and the practice of Geriatric Medicine.
  • Production of position papers issued by the Society alone or in conjunction with related organisations.
  • Responding to papers, reviews and draft legislation in the area of aged care.

The Society fosters and promotes research on ageing by:

  • Assistance in policy development to foster research in ageing and geriatric medicine.
  • Provision of research grants and prizes for research in Geriatric Medicine.
  • Presentation of scientific papers at the ASM.
  • Encouragement and support of membership participation in research activities.